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Hi, I am so glad you found my page! 


I am an experienced coach, specialized in helping clients to reconnect with themselves. I believe each of us deserves to live a more connected, peaceful and meaningful life. And although we have no control over what life throws at us, we can learn to take control over how we respond to certain situations.

Let's take a step back together and find a new perspective for you, together we will bring up the solutions already waiting within you through the various tools I can offer. I am here to support you and remind of your own power and strength.

My calling to want to help and work with people, to share what I've learned so far, clearly came through the challenges of my own life but also because I genuinely care for others. It is my sincere interest in human behavior and the desire for all of us to grow and overcome life challenges. I am looking forward to connect with you,  book a free consultation to find out if this work resonates with you.


How I work

working with the unconscious

working with your conscious mind

working with your energy body

Sessions are available in person or online, in english or german.

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