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Work with me

Work with me


15 Minute Phone Consultation

60 Minutes - 180 $


4 Sessions - 690$


In my work I am combining the following Techniques



What is Hypnosis?


You probably already have a good idea of what hypnosis is—that state of relaxation that allows you to get in touch with your unconscious mind.


Among many other things Hypnosis has been a solution for:


  • Weight loss

  • Smoking

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Panic Attacks

  • Chronic Pain

Hypnosis is not mind control and you will be able to come out of it easily and effortlessly at any time. 


Think about it more like a guided meditation where I help you to relax and give you positive suggestions to change negative emotions, habits and thought patterns. 

“Hypnosis is not a cure but it builds a climate for learning something new.” Milton Erickson

Through hypnosis I can help you change the way you look at your struggles, so you can eliminate destructive negative habits and thought processes and replace them with new habits that have the power to change your life for the better. 

Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching

My primary focus is to provide you a safe space were you can built trust and open up so you can explore and let go of the old patterns that keep you stuck. For some that might take a bit longer but in general you should be seeing substantial change after 3 Month.

Together we will look at the big picture, explore how you communicate with yourself and others, so you can discover ways to improve your performance in a variety of areas of your life. 


  • Coaching can help to eliminate negative emotions or limiting beliefs from the past that may be wreaking havoc on your present


  • NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coaching in particular can actually rewire your brain patterns and create new pathways for better results in your life

This can make a huge impact on how you live. You take back more control over circumstances and events.

Imagine what this would mean for problem solving, goal setting and dream fulfillment. 


You already know the answers to any present or future challenge.




Reiki is a form of energy work emerged in Japan in the late 1800's.

There are many benefits to receiving Reiki, it is cleansing and can minimize pain and stress. It's soothing and strengthens your ability to heal yourself. It's very relaxing and removes blockages you might have so your own energy can flow freely again. It helps you reconnect with yourself and can also be very beneficial during pregnancy.



"Jennifer's formidable calmness and depth of humanity allowed for deep successful sessions as her voice was soothing, compelling, and protective. This allowed me to open long shut painful inner doors. Jennifer allowed me to walk trough them no matter how painful this spaces were as she piloted it me through with breath and ease into understandings that allowed me to let go."

P.S., CA

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