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• Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming 

Society of NLP and the American Board of NLP Certified

• Certified Hypnotherapist 

American Board of Hypnotherapy 

• Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach

INEMLA Certification

• Motivational Coach 

INEMLA Certification

• Life Coach

INEMLA Certification

• Time Line Therapy Practitioner

Time Line Therapy Association 

I work with people from all walks of life and have come to the realization that when it comes to the struggles you encounter, everything is connected. Whether it’s relationships, family, children, relocating, career, health, finances, chances are if one area is suffering it can impact everything else.


Fortunately, the opposite is also true. When you can make positive changes in one area of your life, it can spill over into the other parts, creating shifts that are measurable, sustainable and tremendously rewarding.  

Having moved to the US from Germany in 2004 I quickly gained a sense of different cultural issues as well as my own personal transformation and evolution. I came to personally experience the impact of Hypnosis and NLP Coaching and decided to become certified so I could help others take ownership of their lives and create an ideal future on their own terms, using proven techniques, tools and strategies.


Today I’m married with 3 children and have been working with families and children for over 20 years. 


My mission is to help people turn struggles and frustrations into accomplishments and triumphs.

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